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Will 2012 be the year of travel? We sure hope so! From celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee here at home to discovering the wild unknown in South America, here’s a look at some of the hot destinations for this year.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

The civil war has been over for two years now, there’s no better time than 2012 to visit this jewel in the Indian Ocean. Ancient cities, lazy beaches and even some great surf spots! Sri Lanka has a lot to offer, even for the budget travellers. What will most surprise you about this country are the locals: warm and welcoming, they’re proud of their country’s beautiful national parks, their wildlife and culture but most of all their national cricket team! There are 100+ waterfalls to discover… where will you start?

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The Netherlands

Amsterdam tulips

Everyone who has been to Amsterdam in spring knows how incredible the Dutch tulips are… especially at Keukenhof. Every 10 years a horticultural expo is held at Keukenhof Castle to showcase the best flowers, trees, fruits, vegetables and plants from around the world. It will run from April to October and is expected to be even more incredible than the usual tulip display.

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ER guards

This is the year to stay close to home as Queen Elizabeth II celebrates he 60th year on the throne with her Diamond Jubilee. Parades, spectacles, river pageants, concerts, parties and more are expected not only in London but across the country in June of 2012.

On top of that, London will host of long-awaiting Olympic Games in July and August as well as the Paralympic Games in August and September.

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Myanmar (Burma)

Sunrise from Minyeingon Patho, Bagan

There is so much to discover in Myanmar, formerly Burma. With the military regime gone, the country is finally starting to open up to tourists. There are few other places in South-East Asia as pristine and unspoilt as this. Visit the temples of Bagan and take a river cruise along the Ayeyarwady. Are you dreaming of Burma?

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Canada’s Atlantic Coast

Peggy's Cove

The east coast of Canada has always been a popular spot, especially since the visit of Prince William and Kate in 2011. This year this region of Canada will be in the spotlight as the world commemorates the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. What does Canada’s Atlantic Coast have to do with the Titanic? On the night it struck an iceberg, three ships were sent out from Halifax, Nova Scotia in order to bring back any survivors. A number of those who did not survive were laid to rest in Halifax’s cemeteries.

The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic has an especially large number of artifacts from the Titanic on display, worth checking out.

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Mayan ruins

Maya temple

A lot of people seem to believe the world will end on December 21, 2012. Other believe it will be the beginning of a new era. Whichever is right (or wrong), there is no better time to visit what is left of the Mayan world in Central and South American. December 21st marks the end of a 5,126-year cycle in the Mayan calendar so many events will be held around this time in Mexico, Guatemala, Banas, Honduras and in Belize.

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Where are you hoping to travel in 2012? What’s on your bucket list?

Imgs: garretmclarke, ethan lindsey, globe trotteur, TJ Clarke, archer10, anaychi / Flickr cc.

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