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Montreal flaunts itself every season but when the mercury drops below zero in the dead of winter, this French-Canadian city shines its true colours. Pull out your long underwear and your woollies because you’re going to need them in this frosty city!

Exuding both Euro-charm and North American spunk, Montreal is one of the hippest cities across the Pond. Although it’s peak in tourists takes place in August thanks to its wildly popular Jazz Festival (the biggest in the world), there is something worth being said about Quebec in winter. Air Canada will get you and your mukluks there for £407 this March.

Top 5 things to do in Montreal in the dead of winter

  • Ice skate on an outdoor pond. Beaver Lake and Parc Lafontaine have two of the most popular outdoor rinks in the city.
  • Warm up with a cup of home-made hot cocoa at a trendy cafe in Old Montreal.
  • Go to the circus. Montreal is home to Cirque du Soleil’s headquarters and training grounds.
  • Visit an art museum, as Canada’s edgiest city in terms of the arts, there is sure to be something to suit your liking. Check out Sherbrooke Street W.
  • Dine-in for some local cuisine. Poutine is readily available from any chip truck. Get yourself a large serving of hot fries covered in rich gravy and cheese curds.
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