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“Good girls go to heaven. And yes, bad girls go everywhere,” as Yvonne’s motto goes, which sees this globe trotting lady visit country after country all the while reporting on her bilingual blog Just Travelous. Mateja from our Reisemagazin recently caught up with Yvonne for an interview.

Short + Sweet

  • Full name: Yvonne Zagermann
  • Blog:
  • Current location: Berlin
  • Next trip: 5 weeks in Thailand
  • Essential travel item: Passport. Duh!
  • Item most often forgotten: Adapter
  • Rucksack or suitcase? Both, depending on the destination
  • Hotel or tent? A hotel is always nice after three weeks in a tent.
  • Road trip or flight? First flight, then road trip.
  • Solo travel or group travel? Alone or in pairs.

Travel disasters? Naw, just brill stories

You’ve already visited a ton of places but can you tell us about your top 3, so far? Or are you one of those people who have a hard time choosing just one?

Mongolia, definitely Thailand and Borneo. (That was easy, no?)


Did one content particularly touch you? Which and why?

Asia and Southeast Asia. I’ve pretty much explored it all and also Mongolia. India is also high on my bucket list. Why? It’s hard to say, maybe it’s the same reason why some prefer vanilla ice cream while others would rather strawberry.

Imagine for a minute we’re on Star Trek and Scotty could beam you anywhere in the world right now. Where would you go?

If I’m on the road then I’d go home, if only to sleep in my own bed and take a shower because that’s always what I miss the most about home.


Missed flights, lost passports, no map… what’s the worst travel predicament you’ve ever found yourself in?

I actually can’t remember any real travel “disaster.” Besides a cobra attack, a pack of wolves wandering into our camp and falling off a camel and, um, but I wouldn’t even classify those as real travel disasters. But they certainly make for cool stories later.

Travellers often stay in one place longer than planned. Would you ever consider migrating someplace new?

Sure, why not? At the moment for me though, there’s no better base than Berlin.

You’re so open to exotic destinations. What kinds of foods have you tried abroad? Are you up for trying anything or would you rather leave the caterpillars, grasshoppers and co. to the locals?

I’ve never eaten a grasshopper but I wouldn’t have any problem trying it. I’m pretty insensitive to this kind of stuff. As long as I don’t have to eat pears…


What trip are we going to read about next on Just Travelous?

My road trip through USA, from Houston to Detroit! Then I’m off for five weeks in Thailand for the winter.

What’s your song of choice to get those wanderlusting juices flowing?

Of Monsters and Men – “Dirty Paws.”

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