Car hire Corfu: tour the city in style and at ease with a rental

What you should know before hiring a car in Corfu

Corfu city centre
Ioannis Kapodistrias International Airport (CFU): 1 mi from city centre

Car hires in Corfu: practical information

Where to rent a car in Corfu

Exploring Corfu, one of the most beautiful parts of Greece, by car is as good of an idea as putting on sunscreen in 40 degree weather. It's the best way to see the region. You will find plenty of car and motorbike rental companies in Corfu Town as well as many of the tourist towns around the island. If you rent a car for a day or two, you can expect to budget for £40/day, less if you opt for a long-term car hire in Corfu. You will find more international car hire companies at the airport than in the city and more local car rental companies in the city than at the airport.

How to choose? It all comes down to comparing the rental car prices in Corfu and decided whether you want to go with a local car hire company or with an international one. Some offer weekend deals, book 2 days and get the third for free. It all depends but cars are in high demand in summer when tourist season is up so it's recommended to book your cheap car rental in Corfu early, at the same time you book your tickets from London to Corfu. Keep in mind that Corfu's roads are very narrow, before you book yourself a sedan or hatchback. The smaller, the better.

Driving in Corfu: parking and other tips

Parking can... be a problem in Corfu. Especially in Corfu Town. The airport has a mere 120 parking spaces. Besides that many locals in Corfu Town don't really use their cars too much in the city, only to get out and travel to other places on the island. In Corfu Town, there is an excellent centrally located car park near the port, costing a measly €1.50/day. Just remember not to park your Corfu rent car too close to the quayside or your vehicle may be wet.

Corfu is a great place to start if you want to explore the western islands of Greece. Once you've toured the island, take a ferry boat to some of the other islands nearby. Paxi, Lefkada, Kefallonia, Zakinthos... each has it's own style, culture and history to be discovered.

Road trips from Corfu: what to do, what to see


Corfu to Kynopiastes

Kynopiastes is only 10km away from Corfu Town but it should be on everyone's itinerary. There are beautiful old mansions here from the 17th and 18th centuries, a beautiful 17th century monastery and the island's only museum (can you believe that?). There is also a restaurant here that has served the likes of Greek and English Kings and Queens, country presidents and the most famous American and European actors. It's called Trypas, reservations are required.


Corfu to Roda

Roda is a village turned resort along the northern coast of Corfu. While it used to be a small and charming vishing town, now it caters mostly to tourists. Why would you want to go there? Well, despite its development, it still beats to its old drum and its a great place to know the locals. It's a tourist town without the tourist kitsch.


Corfu to Paxi

It's very easy to take a trip to Paxi because of it's close proximity to Corfu. There are many boats travelling between the two islands, both private and commercial. The island is incredibly beautiful and its landscape rather unspoiled by tourists. If you want to see more of Greek's islands, then visit Paxi while you're on holidays in Corfu.

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Toyota Aygo Mini, 2/4 Door, Manual
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Kia Picanto Mini, 4/5 Door, Manual
Centauro Rent a Car Spain
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Fiat 500 Mini, 2/4 Door, Manual
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Volkswagen Up Mini, 2/4 Door, Manual
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Hyundai I10 Mini, 2/4 Door, Manual
Green Motion
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Skoda Citigo Mini, 2/4 Door, Manual
King Rent
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Peugeot 107 Economy, 4/5 Door, Manual
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Nissan Pixo Mini, 2/4 Door, Manual
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Fiat Panda Economy, 2/4 Door, Manual
auto Union
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Citroen C2 Mini, 2/3 Door, Manual
Alamo Rent a Car
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Suzuki Celerio Mini, 4/5 Door, Manual

Find a cheap flight to Corfu

Jet2outbound: 31-Jul-2020
direct (3h30m)
Jet2return: 14-Aug-2020
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Jet2outbound: 03-Jul-2020
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Ryanairreturn: 12-Jul-2020
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Jet2outbound: 24-Jun-2020
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British Airwaysoutbound: 18-Apr-2020
3 stops (42h50m)
British Airways
Olympic Airreturn: 25-Apr-2020
2 stops (26h)
Olympic Air

The best hotels in Corfu

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