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When one year ends another begins. Wherever the tradition of making New Year’s promises started, it’s a very good one, especially for travellers who are on the road already or are planning. Here are 10 of our travel resolutions for 2011.

2010 was an explosive year for travel. Social media campaigns reigned for finding cheap flight deals, last minute hotels, free this and free that. Remember the “twitchhiker” that made his way around the world using Twitter?

So what’s in store for 2011? A lot of travel experts have been sharing their opinions saying that Eastern Europe will trump for cheap skiing this winter while more will travel last minute than ever before. But there’s more than just travel on the plate this year. It’s about getting the most out of travel, connecting with those you meet on the way which is why we’ve come up with this list.

10 New Year’s resolutions

  1. Talk with more people –whether they are locals, other foreigners travelling or the person sitting next to you on the plane. You’d be surprised what comes out of it.
  2. Pack less because there’s nothing more terrible than checking-in with a low cost airline and finding out your luggage is overweight. The fines are hefty so keep it light!
  3. Use social media –#traveltuesday is the best way on Twitter to find travel info, ideas and deals fast, a great resource at your fingertips. Are you following @liligo_uk?
  4. Learn the language before arriving. You’d be surprised at how useful it is to know even a few phrases and works in a language… the locals will love you for it, even if you butcher the accent.
  5. Send postcards, not emails. You may think this is old fashioned but there’s nothing more special than receiving a postcard from a friend travelling abroad, so return the favour.
  6. Go somewhere new –this is of course if you’re planning a holiday to the Canary Islands for the fourth year in a row. Same parties, same hotels… try to spice things up a bit and check out Croatia or Turkey.
  7. Try foods you can’t pronounce. Who wants to travel and stick to food they can get at home? Ask the waiter for recommendations, local favourites or what he/she usually orders instead of taking the easy way out.
  8. Do it solo. For some this is frightening, but there’s no better way to get out of your shell than just putting yourself out there. Wake up when you want, eat when you want and make your own itinerary.
  9. Take the trip you’ve always wanted to take. There’s no point in waiting around for that perfect opportunity. Make it happen and go on that road trip or round-the-world trip this year.
  10. Have fun! (This is a no-brainer but an easy one to forget)

Img: childofwar / Flickr cc.

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