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Ryanair never ceases to surprise us when it comes to really cheap fares (as long as you don’t let all the additional fees add up). Norway’s capital is the perfect place to discover the Viking within.Norway is a winery country this time of year, so why not appreciate it and discover the mysterious ancestry of this Scandinavian country? If you’re interested in the rich Viking heritage  of the region, Oslo has the perfect outing.

Viking Ship Museum is open daily, even in winter from 10am until 4pm and exhibits three remarkable ships, Oseberg, Gokstad and Tune which were reconstructed from ruins found in the royal burial mounds near Oslo.

The ships aren’t the only artefacts on display, relics from inside the boats as well as treasures from the chief grave at Borre can be found at the Viking Ship Museum on Huk Aveny (no. 35).

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