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Maybe you’ve heard but the Olympics are coming to town this summer. AND the Queen (bless her) is celebrating her Diamond Jubilee. This can only mean one thing: one over-crowded London. Forget the stay-cation this year, this is the summer to go abroad.

2012 is a big summer for London and the UK. Two major events will be taking place and if you ask us, these are two major reasons not to stick around town. Over-crowded Tubes and stations, even worse gridlock at peak times, closed roads and detours… you get the picture. Here are our five reasons why it’s really not worth it to stay at home in London this summer.

1. The Olympics will be on TV… everywhere

Olympic Rings

The Games are a huge TV event, all over the world. If you didn’t get tickets to an event in the lottery last year then there are few chances you’ll be able to see any part of it, except maybe the long-distance cycle road race that will speed through Richmond Park. Watch it abroad if you really can’t miss it.

2. The Jubilee will be on the tele… everywhere in the UK

Looking festive

It’s not likely the Jubilee boat pageant and other events will be covered live in any other country than Britain but for sure it’ll make the 6 o’clock news just about everywhere. Unless you plan to camp out on the Mall to get a front row view, you’re better off watching the televised version if you want to catch a glimpse of the Queen on her big day.

3. Over-crowded transit and gridlock


Think about the sheer number of tourists in the city this summer for these two events. It’s going to be chaos. The City of London has already warned commuters to re-think their routes to work in advance of the Games due to blocked roads, detours and over-crowded Tubes, buses and roads. Avoid it all by going abroad.

4. A stay-cation won’t save you any


If you plan it right, a trip abroad won’t set you back much more than staying in London. There are tons of way to keep your holidays cheap. First, why not rent out your flat during the Olympics? For flights, always fly with a low cost airline (Ryanair really isn’t that bad). For accommodations, book a self-catering holiday flat along the Costa del Sol or somewhere in Greece for a week. Rather than eating out, shop the local markets and eat in like the locals.

5. The weather is better elsewhere

Algarve Coast

It’s a well known fact that the weather is just better abroad. English summers? You never quite know what you’re going to get. At least you know there’ll be sun, warm waters and sandy beaches along Portugal’s Algarve Coast or on the Canary Islands. Get yourself a little colour and take a load off. You can always ask your colleagues who stayed behind what you missed.

Alternatively, if you just want to escape London, check out the Top 7 UK beaches for summer escapes.

What about you? Will you be holidaying at home in London or taking-off for a trip abroad?

Imgs: paul_stephenson, edvvc, aguichard, bensutherland, sanderovski / Flickr cc.

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4 responses to “5 reasons to go abroad this summer

  1. I’m in London working for 2 months and I’m having problems with the underground, I can not even imagine how it will be with the olympic games.

    1. Hey Nancy, what was it you wanted to know more about? If you’re planning to head abroad this summer, you can find cheap flights to all over the world on! Takes just a second to search.

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