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Too many tourists plan and book flights to Barcelona, without even thinking about the beautiful surrounding Catalan region, including the gorgeous coast alongside it. Get inspired by these videos, taking us from Barcelona to Catalan’s coasts.

We likey like what the Catalan Tourist Board is doing with their newest campaign to lure travellers from sparkly and cultural Barcelona to the region’s incredible and unique coastline. The tourism board commissioned five Spanish and international filmmakers to capture the five provinces of Spain’s Catalonia region. Each using a different technique.

Each of these 2-4 minute videos will take us on a fast-paced trip across beaches, over cities, to the tops of hills and crashing through waves and town streets, inside caves and even to a football match or two. Elena Roig, head of digital marketing at the Catalan tourism board explains,

“Our main aim is projecting – in a cool way – the Catalan way of life, it’s people, traditions, landscapes by giving the filmmakers freedom to their artistic work.”

Ready to explore Catalan through these artist’s eyes?

Imgs: freebird_71 / Flickr cc.

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