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No sense staying home this summer when there is always a cheap flight deal to be found. If you haven’t had the pleasure of discovering the Channel Islands, now is your chance. Fly with Flybe from London to Jersey for £60, departing in September, once the main wave of tourists have left the island.

Apart from the beaches, lounging around the harbour, sipping tea and enjoying the island life, make sure you fit in some historical sights while you’re at it! Jersey was a key sight during World War II and has some incredible tunnels to prove it.

Taking any adventure travellers, museum lovers or history buffs along with you on your trip? The Jersey War Tunnels should be your first stop. The museum guide will tell spooky stories of when the Germans occupied the islands during the war. Deep in an underground hospital you’ll find the small museum, around it are a network of tunnels built by slaves. Take time to read the displays too.

If you want to fully appreciate the magic and history of the island, these tunnels are an essential stop.

Other historical landmarks on Jersey

  • Mont Orgueil Castle
  • Elizabeth Castle
  • La Corbiere Lighthouse
  • St Aubin’s Fort
  • Grosnez Castle
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