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Exploring the surrounding areas of a city is one of the best ways to spend a day or two while abroad and, for anyone staying in the cheapest hotels in Beijing, taking some time to check out Shengsi Island could be a fantastic idea.

The isle – which is just a few hours away by boat – is well-known for its seafood and beautiful surroundings and is proving to be a popular escape for many a tourist, the Xinhua News Agency reports.

Dubbed the hometown of mussels in China, the region is actually holding a Mussel Culture Festival in October, which could prove enjoyable for anyone planning to catch cheap flights to Beijing in a month’s time.

Pursuits that can be undertaken in the area include crab fishing and discoveries of natural sites such as reefs, caves and rock formations, as well as a Buddhist attraction.

And anyone keen as mustard to stray from Beijing’s beaten track may also like to take in Beihai park, north-west of the Forbidden City, as recently recommended by Gill Williams of the Daily Mirror.

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