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Fifty years ago, The Beatles released their very first single, “Love Me Do.” It’s a Golden Anniversary and if you’re a fan of the fabulous four and really want to celebrate, we’ve collected the five best places around the world to do it.

St. Peter’s Church – Liverpool


This 19th century church, in some ways, is where it all started. John and Paul were first introduced to each other on the grounds here and if you visit the cemetery, you’ll find the gravestone that sparked a song, Eleanor Rigby. While you’re in Liverpool why not stay at the Hard Days Night Hotel complete with Beatles-themed suites?

Abbey Road – London


Iconic. This Westminster road played backdrop for the eleventh studio album released by The Beatles just outside Abbey Road Studios. For the sake of the locals’ sanity, please choose a convenient time if you’re going to try and snap a picture on the zebra crossing. We like how this tourist captured his “Abbey Road experience.”

Paul McCartney’s home – Liverpool


Located at 20 Forthlin Road in Liverpool, the band’s early days were spend here practising. The house is completely preserved to how it was when the young Beatles used to gather here to rattle about on instruments. Tours of the home are free and run from Wednesday to Sunday.

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Strawberry Fields – New York


The John Lennon Memorial in New York is located between 71st and 74th Streets in Central Park. The two and a half acre memorial is named after the band’s song, “Strawberry Fields” and commemorates the life and accomplishments of John Lennon. It’s a peaceful spot in the park to gather your thoughts.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – Cleveland


As you can imagine, The Beatles have a place of honour at this American museum. The Beatles exhibit features 70+ items from costumes, instruments, hand-written musical arrangements, photographs, videos and more.

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What’s your favourite Beatles tune? Have you been to any of these iconic Beatles sights?

Imgs: calflier001, jamesackerley, openroadscom, eric the fish / Flickr cc.

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