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Imagine being lost somewhere in north-western Belgium and have a dreary old time. Not exactly a dream, is it? And yet… Bruges is one of Europe’s most inspiring and romantic cities. Here’s a little photo essay to prove it.

The weather is rarely good in Bruges and you run a high risk of visiting the city when skies are grey and rain is always on the horizon. Skipping over this city however would be a big mistake.

Bruges is known first and foremost for its medieval city centre, which is well preserved and an UNESCO WHS in its own right (given the seal of approval in 2000). Bruges was the artistic capital of Europe when the city was at its height in the Middle Ages. It’s true, you can find versions of Venice all over the world but Bruges is an exception. The term “Venice of the North” is one that truly fits, sorry St. Petersburg.

The city’s network of canals complete the picture of romantic, atmospheric florentine city with its canal boats, narrow medieval streets, chocolates and waffles.

Bruges is a “lost hole”, at least according to Colin Farrell who plays a hunted hit-man who heads to Bruges to hide out. If you’re heading to this part of Belgium, watching the film In Bruges is a must. While both touching and funny, it’s a true ode to the mysterious beauty of the city.

  • How to get there: The easiest and fastest way to reach Bruges is by train from Brussels. The train only takes an hour and trains depart every hour. Flights to Brussels only take 1 hour from London.
  • Best time to visit: As mentioned before, the weather isn’t Bruges best selling point. Summer is the busiest time to visit for tourists so avoid the crowds and head in fall. September-October is ideal.

Have you already been to Bruges? What did you like about the city most?

Imgs: fakelviswilliamsdbNeilhootingartorusrexDoctorWhodavid.nikonvscanonNacho y Adriana,bookfinch / Flickr cc.

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One response to “Roaming around Belgium: In Bruges

  1. Love, love, love Bruges. I can’t say enough about it and during my visit 25 years ago I was so inspired by the Beginhof I wrote a novel set in Bruges!

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