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Been at home in Britain all summer? There’s still time to plan a trip somewhere with great beaches, incredible dining, soaked in history and with great weather… hello sun! Take-off from London to Croatia’s Split for £134 in September.

Croatia is the perfect place for a shoulder-season holiday. Prices are down, the crowds have left the beaches but the weather is still fantastic. Take-off with EasyJet from London Gatwick to Split for £134 (return, all taxes included).

Discovering Croatia’s history

Dubrovnik, the country’s second capital (because the first honour goes to Zagreb), is the best city to go to if you want a feeling of old-school Croatia… really old school. The old town, protected by its battlements, fortifications, towers and walls, make this old Renaissance city-state one of the most beautiful cities overlooking the Mediterranean. It was only 20 years ago that the Yugoslav Army besieged the city but you’d never know at first glance.

Visiting Croatia’s islands


Now that you’re done with the most picturesque history lesson you’ve even had in Dubrovnik, it’s time to head to the islands. Croatia has thousands of them but Mljet Island is the jewel on the top of this Adriatic country’s crown. It’s one of the southern-most of Croatia’s islands and without a doubt one of the most beautiful with its secluded inlets, crystal blue bays and tidal lakes. It takes less than an hour to reach Mljet from the mainland by ferry and although small, has all the amenities a visitor could want.

Tasting all of Croatia’s flavours


Laying out on the beach and memorizing history dates sure does work up an appetite! So off to Istria, home to Croatia’s acclaimed wine region, which has been cultivated since the Romans. The Istria peninsula is in the western corner of the country and thanks so its perfect location, produces some remarkable vintages. As for food, seafood fresh from the Adriatic, white truffles, grove upon grove of green olives, wild boar… foodies hold yourself back, there’s plenty of Istria for everyone!

Is Croatia on your list of places to visit? Have you been before?

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