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Average temperatures in Cuba this time a year are 26°C, so what are you waiting for? Get the summer lovin’ you need in the dead of winter by flying to Havana.A beach break might be just what you need to recover from a stressful month of holiday shopping, family reunions and new year’s celebrations. Hit the beach south of the Ecuator and search for your flights to sunny Cuba, where its guaranteed to be warmer than home.

Although the average high, 26°C this time of year, isn’t scorching, its the perfect climate to visit Havana’s city sights, check out Mantanzas city and lounge around on Varadero beach without worrying too much about burning.

Air France, Iberia and Virgin Atlantic all service the London – Havana route.

Airline ticket price not guaranteed, fare found at the time of writing.

Img: k.hurley / Flickr cc.

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