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The summer is prime-season for trips to Edinburgh. It’s festival season and the city is packed with visitors and artists all over the world. Whether you’re heading to Scotland to hit up the official festival or stick around for the Fringe, fly from London for £55 with EasyJet from August 5-12th, 2011.

The Edinburgh International Festival takes off this year on August 12th, running all the way until the first weekend of September. Taking place in and around the same time are the Fringe Festival, Military Tattoo, Jazz and Blues Fest and a number of other book and edge festivals. As you might imagine, August in Edinburgh is busy.

The first Edinburgh Festival was held in 1947 and the city hasn’t failed to put on a great show every summer since. Dubbed the “Athens of the North,” Edinburgh’s festival highlights the best in orchestral, dance, opera and drama from around the world. If you’re looking for something more edgy, the Fringe is where you should be.

It’s the largest art festival in the world with more than 2000 scheduled shows in 265 venues across the city and almost 19,000 performers. If you want to see even a portion of the shows, you have to plan ahead and make your own itinerary. Keep your eye open for daily hot ticket deals, thanks to the festivals sponsors.

3 Tips for surviving the festival

  • Variety is the key. There are tons of different types of performances so spice it up a little and take in a variety of shows. Take a chance, you might discover your love of stand-up comedy, interpretive dance, a new genre of music or interactive drama.
  • If you find yourself with no plans one day, head to the Half-Price Hut and see if you can’t scoop up a pair of tickets for a last-minute show. This is a cheap and spontaneous way to experience the festival… you never know what’s going to be on offer!
  • Dress for the weather. The locals know that weather in Edinburgh is dependably unpredictable. That being said, it’s not out of the ordinary to experience all four seasons all in the same day. There’s no such thing as bad weather in Scotland’s capital, only the wrong type of clothing. To enjoy the festival to its fullest, dress in layers and don’t forget an umbrella.

Are you heading to Edinburgh this summer? More tips for the Fringe?

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