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At the Wroclaw stadium things don’t always go as planned: the new pitch with a capacity for 43,000 people will open late… but still on time. The locals are pumped to receive thousands of footie fans from all over Europe for Euro 2012.

Football fans or not, the city of Wroclaw is increasingly becoming more and more popular as a tourist destination thanks to its interesting history and strong artistic culture. Thanks to low cost airlines, Wroclaw is more accessible now than ever.

What to see in Wroclaw

Wroclaw, with its romantic narrow streets, its old buildings, jazz and film festivals… this city is a well orchestrated mix that could around the interests of any visitor be they a young backpacker or a retired pensioner rediscovering the world. The capital of Lower Silesia is not only an exciting city to discover, it’s easy on the budget as well.

This university town along the Oder River you’ll find a total of 9 museums, 1 philharmonic orchestra, 10 theatres, innumerable historic buildings and a magical atmosphere that permeates from every street corner.

Whatever you do, don’t miss…

 University: a historical building, just a stone’s throw from the river. It was built in the 17th century, commissioned by a group of Jesuit missionaries. It’s mostly just university students living in the streets surrounding the university, keeping the old Baroque houses looking young. Throughout its history, 11 Nobel Prize Winners have graduated from this school, 10 of whom were born in Wroclaw.

Rynek: this is the central square of the city, the most important square of the city. It’s surrounded by coffee shops, restaurants, shops and an old market place. The Town Hall also stands here, a beautiful 13th century construction.


St. Elizabeth Cathedral: standing tall, this basilica was built in the 11th century out of food. Obviously this would never do and was fortified by brick and stone in the 14th century. It’s tall Gothic towers make it easy to spot from just about anywhere in Wroclaw… definitely making it a lot easier to navigate yourself around the city.


Gnomes: Going on an elf hunt? Apparently there are 80 tiny gnomes cast in bronze hiding all over the city thanks to an alternative movement that was born in the 1980s.


Aren’t you hungry?

Wroclaw has just about everything and anything to suit your post-football match cravings while you’re visiting Wroclaw. Stick to the local cuisine, it’s delicious we promise.

Traditions dishes cooked in traditional kitchens, ethnic choices, live music… little is missing in Wroclaw. Try Restaurancja Domowa on Kotlářská Street. Something sweet? Czekoladziarnia (on Włodkowica) or Chocoffee (on Więzienna/Igielna). Craving crepes? Check out FC Naleśniki (Kuznicza St.) and Iguana (Nożownicza St.).

No trip to Poland is complete without a few tips to a bar to taste some local beer. Some of the favourite brews from this area include Tyskie, Żywiec, Warka, Łomża and Zubr but there are plenty more. If you like German beer, try Bierhale where you’ll find a number of blonde beers on tap including some double malts.

When night falls…

…all the students pour out into the streets. Wroclaw is an exciting city with more than 140,000 students and young people.


  • Forma (Mikolaja 08.11): this is a minimalist club with pretty alternative music which blasts until dawn.
  • Salvador (Pl. Solny 16, corner of ul. Szajnochy): party and lounge in one, the bar was named after the famous surrealist painter as well as the owner’s passion for tequila. Relax, chat and keep the rounds coming!

How to get there

Thanks to low cost airlines, Wroclaw is not only a 2 hour flight away from London, but it’s cheap as well. Check out flights from Wizz Air and Ryanair when planning your trip to Euro 2012 cities next summer. Lufthansa and LOT Polish Airlines can also get you there from London but a number of other UK departure cities.

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Have you been to Wroclaw before? Heading that way in 2012?

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