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Fall is arguably the best time to visit Los Angeles. The weather isn’t scorching, but it’s still hot. The cultural calendar is stocked full of concerts, events and exhibitions with something for every kind of culture addict. Catch these flights to LA for £431 this October.

Los Angeles is an interesting kind of city, where crossing from one neighbourhood to another feels much the same way as it does hopping from country to country in Europe. The landscape changes, sometimes the language changes too. From Echo Park to Hollywood Hills, from Bel Air to Los Feliz… this city’s iconic boroughs make up the immense City of Angels.

Are you ready to discover Los Angeles?

Catch flights onboard Delta Air Lines this fall for only £431 (return, all taxes and fees included). This particular trip takes off from London Heathrow and has one stopover before arriving at Los Angeles’ LAX airport.  A journey like this takes over 12 hours, so make sure you’re prepared for the long-haul with enough books, magazines, your sleep mask and some noise cancelling headphones. Also, watch out for that jet lag!



So, what is there to do in LA in the fall?

Everything! The weather is still fabulous in the autumn, with average temperatures around 20°C and sun, sun, sun. That makes a perfect day out to the beaches, maybe not to swim, but at least to laze about and enjoy a warm picnic near the shore, along the Venice Boardwalk for example.

The Griffith Observatory is the ideal place to explore the night sky and in autumn, you won’t be plagued by the summer’s smoggy sky. This planetarium has the most advanced star projector in the world, so they say. Peer into the Zeist Telescope at sunset to catch the city a golden glow.

Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles

Explore Hollywood’s Walk of Fame and see if you can spot your favourite stars, from Marilyn Monroe to Big Bird. More than 2,400 stars dot the pavements in this part of town so keep your eyes peeled! Film-buffs should probably also stop by the Hollywood Museum or the Paramount Pictures studios for a tour.

Who’s up for a trip to LA?

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