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There’s more to see and do in Verona than just visiting Juliet’s house in the old town. Verona is a city that is famed for its opera, not only in Italy but worldwide, and the best time to experience it? Summer of course!

Verona’s opera is staged in the most beautiful venue, the city’s Roman Arena, which has witnessed centuries of theatre, dance and stage performances since it was built. The city’s summer opera festival kicks off on June 20th and marks the beginning of this year’s season of performances.

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The Roman Arena truly is one of Europe’s greatest outdoor venues and performances this summer include Carmen, Madame Butterfly and Romeo & Juliet (which is sure to be popular considering it’s Verona). Performances start June 20th and run until early September. Tickets in the proverbial “nosebleed” section cost €22 and go up from there, the closer you get to the stage. But let’s be honest, who does’t want an excuse to buy a cool pair of those opera binoculars?

  • For the full arena programme and tickets, check out
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