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We don’t know one traveller who doesn’t have Machu Picchu on their travel bucket lists. It’s videos like this one that have us itching to book flights to Lima. Right now. This very second.

The road to Machu Piccu…

…is a road that every traveller should take. And who wouldn’t want to when an adventure like this is what awaits? The Inca Trail needs at least three days to travel from Cuzco but the ancient city of Machu Picchu is waiting at the end of the line.

It’s a destination that has inspired travellers for generations. We like what Aric Queen had to say about it,

“Accept that cars aren’t necessary and that some meals take hours, that we can now fly to space, that there’s nothing wrong with crashing on couches if you’re on an adventure, that three outfits are enough, that sunrises are free, that the first time you see Machu Picchu it will break your heart, that being alone in a country with no money and no return ticket will teach you more about yourself than any therapist ever could.” – Aric S. Queen

Machu Picchi is a destination that never ceases to inspire. Have you experienced its magic yet?

Img: Emilie Hardmann / Flickr cc.

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