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We’ve already covered the Mile High Club on the Traveller’s Blog but imagine an airline creating theme flights for those wanting to join the exclusive club. If you’ve always wanted to do the deed up in the air, now is your chance onboard Flamingo Air.

Let’s go to Cincinnati, in the USA, where the charter airline started this special (and successful) service.

Flamingo Air

This small charter airline caters mostly to business travellers and offers Flightseeing Tours of surrounding areas. Their newest service has definitely sparked interest, “romantic flights that one will never forget.”

Flamingo Air started up in 1991, becoming a popular choice among both German and Icelandic travellers. It’s safe to say that, until recently, the airline’s flight services were catalogued under “nothing special.” Now, Flamingo Air is putting their cards on the table and making a name for themselves in the airline industry.

Fly me to the moon

It was a working day like any other when a couple of pilots got together and bet each other they couldn’t find one couple willing to make love up in the air twenty or so years ago. Challenge accepted and won, but what they didn’t know is how popular the idea would prove to be. Today, these special flights make up half of the airline’s business. How does it work? Simply enough. For $425 a couple gets an “aerial” tour in the back of a small plane with chocolates, champagne and of course privacy.

Behind the scenes

It’s safe to say that “what happens in the cabin, stays in the cabin.” This comes from one of the airline’s pilots who operates the special flights. He comments,

What goes on behind the curtain, is no concern of ours. It’s a matter of professionalism and I think that our customers really expect that.

According to Flamingo Air, the flights are mostly booked by women looking for an original and romantic surprise to spice up a relationship.

Let’s take a look at what you can get for $425…

What do you think of Flamingo Air’s service? Would you be up for trying something like this?

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