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Are you one to buy a pretty lady (or gentleman) a drink at the bar? Now, on a flight near you, you can take it to the next level by buying an in-flight cocktail for someone you’ve spotted on your flight the next time you’re up in the air onboard Virgin America.

Supposedly Ryanair’s chief exec came up with this idea a decade ago while brainstorming for new ways to get more money out of passengers. Ancillary revenue for airlines, mainly low cost ones, took off in 2007 and are a major source of income for airlines now that fuel prices have shot through the roof.

The latest?

“Travellers can now send an in-flight cocktail to that friendly stranger in seat 4A and then follow up with a text message … making getting lucky all the easier.” — Virgin America



This new seat-to-seat delivery service was launched, unsurprisingly, on flights to Las Vegas and is available on all US routes. It allows passengers to order drinks, meals and snacks for travellers at other seats on the same flight. It’s an obvious first step if you have hopes of joining the Mile High Club… even at the bar you’ve got to flirt a bit!

How to join the Mile High Club

Sir Richard Branson loves the idea commented, “I’m not a betting man but I’d say your chances of deplaning with a plus-one are at least 50%.”

Drinks, snacks and food are ordered using the in-flight entertainment system (just make sure you get your “point of interest’s” seat correct), paid for with the swipe of your card, and delivered. You can then follow up with a little message using the plane’s in-flight texting system.

“Your seat, or mine?”

Would you send a drink to someone on your flight?

Imgs: chronovial / Flickr cc. and Virgin America

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