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Ryanair revealed its newest low cost idea last week, one that could completely change passenger air travel as we know it. The ultra-low cost airline  said it will introduce standing-room only areas on its flights in the future for a one-way fare of £4.

Over the next two years Ryanair plans to install vertical seats for passengers on selected short-haul flight routes, a plan that will revolutionise budget air travel. Almost like a standing roller coaster, passengers will be strapped into a back support in a standing position with an over the shoulder seatbelt.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has of course expressed concerns over the idea and whether or not the standing seats will pass the rigorous safety tests needed. If they do pass however, the experience of air travel will never be the same again.

How will Ryanair fund the changes to their cabins? By charging passengers £1 to use the toilets while on board. The low cost airline will have to remove 2 toilets and a few rows of seats in order to accommodate the new ones. As a result 40-50 extra passengers will be able to fly on Ryanair flights.

For an airline known for both its ridiculously cheap flights and check-in luggage fees, Ryanair isn’t the only airline considering these standing seats, Tiger Airways has also expressed interest in the idea.

Ryanair, the next green airline?

This idea of course rings bells with a few “green-airline” philosophies: Flying at full-capacity makes the most of the fuel spent and removing the weight of bulky sit-down seats to install light-weight standing seats makes the aircraft much more fuel-efficient which in turn lessens the airlines carbon footprint, something that is a plus on most environmentally-conscious travellers lists.

Would you fly standing up for £4?


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