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Best low cost airline, best airport, best destination… The World Travel Awards revealed the best in travel on December 12th in its annual travel awards ceremony in New Delhi. Here are Europe’s biggest winners.

The World Travel Awards are like the Oscars of the tourism industry, prestigious awards for the best actors in tourism and travel, tour operators, airports and even hotels. In 2011 for example, around 800,000 votes were cast by both consumers and professionals from 171 countries. Here are the best from Europe.

Best regular airline: Lufthansa

For the second year in a row and the fourth time in five years, Germany’s national airline takes the title for best airline over Air France, British Airways and Iberia. Lufthansa also has one of the best airport lounges in the world, at Frankfurt Airport.

Best airport in Europe: Zurich

It’s the ninth year in a row that the Swiss airport has taking this title. The airport is known for being easy to navigate and for high-standard services available to travellers. According to the criteria of the award, an airport must: communicate with travel agencies, be convenient and easy to use, maintain general quality standards for its products and services. Well done, Zurich!

  • Best charter airline: Sky Airlines
  • Best business class: Swiss International Air Lines

Best destination: Edinburgh

Forget about Amsterdam, London, Rome, Paris, Barcelona and Berlin… it’s the Scottish capital that takes home the prize of best destination according to the World Travel Awards. Need some inspiration? Take a look at our article, Tour Scotland following the whisky trail.

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Imgs: Moyan_Brennkyz / Flickr cc.

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