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It’s no surprise that France is proving to be one of the top destinations of the summer season for British travellers. Continuous unrest in the Middle East, cost of travel and pending strikes are just the start of why travellers aren’t going far from home this year. What does France have to offer this season?

If you remember last summer holiday travellers were struck by everything from ash cloud disruptions, airline strikes and folding travel agencies. It looks like travellers are going to play it safe this year, choosing short-haul destinations like France, Spain and Portugal rather than possibly risky destinations like Egypt and the Middle East.

Where to go in France this summer

Aix-en-Provence is the most medieval city in France is was home to the famed artist Paul Cezanne. Between sipping coffees at the patio bars and browsing world-class art museums. This city, dubbed the city of a thousand fountains, is often compared to Paris’ artsy left bank without the price tag. The city’s centre is dotted by 17th century mansions, giant stone lions and open squares. Just 25km from Marseille, it’s the perfect place for a city break this summer.

Flights to Marseille

Normandy is the capital of camembert cheese and France’s best ciders. Just on the other side of the Channel, the vast green countryside looks a lot like home until you look a little closer. The fishing boats in the harbours are named after legendary French women, the locals speak with thick accents (sounding nothing like the French you learnt in school), the shopping boutiques are outfitted with the latest trends from Paris and the restaurants and markets are full of foods that are (without sounding too cliché) to-die-for. Find out why Monet was most inspired here. This region is easily reached by ferry.

Hotels in Rouen

Loire Valley castle

Loire Valley never gets old, as long as the wine keeps flowing. Historic towns like Amboise, Nantes and Tours are just the beginning of where a trip to the cradle of the French language can take you. Touring the region is best done by car or with a tour guide, you wouldn’t want to miss out on any hidden treasures! Castles and rolling vineyards… this place is very French so make sure you brush up on your grammar and don’t forget a wine tasting journal so you can remember what you tasted.

Flights to Nantes

Nice is packed every summer. It’s where the rich and famous of Paris’ metropolitan upper class go to spend their weekends and their month-long holiday in August. From Paris it’s a mere 3 hour trip on the bullet train. Soak up the Mediterranean sun you’ve been dying for, scope out who-is-who on the Promenade des Anglais and spread your beach blanket out on the rocky shore. The real Nice is away from the tourist spots, so don’t forget to explore deeper into the city.

Flights to Nice

Where are you going this summer? What’s at the top of your French must-see list?

Imgs: jimmyharris, Cleaner Croydon / Flickr cc.


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