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Man versus nature. It’s a battle that’s been going on since the beginning of time. Sometimes though, you just have to sit in awe of what nature comes up with, what she’s been slowly creating for thousands, millions of years. Want to see Mother Nature is action? Check out these three natural phenomena that will blow your mind.

You’ll likely never want to mess with Nature ever again. When it comes to natural versus man-made in almost all instances we choose nature. Mostly because its unexplainable… and unpredictable. If you think you have seen it all, think again my friend. “You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Honduras: La Lluvia de Peces

Lluvia de peces

The rain of fish. What? This is something to see, a phenomena that even scientists cannot explain. Practically every year in June/July the storm clouds roll in over a small Honduran village called Yoro. When the summer storms come and the rain starts to fall, it’s not just water falling from the sky but millions of small silvery fish as well. Locals think it’s an act of god while scientists say there has to be another explanation, although they don’t have one yet. When the fish rain comes, the Festival de la Lluvia de Peces begins! You can bet there’s a lot of fried fish on the menu.

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Antarctica: Lambert Glacier

Lambert Glacier

This is one of the least visited natural phenomenons in the world mostly due to the fact that it’s so hard to get to. Few tourists make the trip every year. This is the world’s largest glacier, around 250 miles long and 60 miles wide. What’s all the hype about? The bottle-green icebergs that get their colour from the high percentage of organic material frozen inside the ice although scientists aren’t totally sure. In any case, they’re amazing, creating even zebra effects in the ice, if you have the chance to visit.

Trinidad & Tobago: Pitch Lake

Pitch Lake

This is one of the strangest things you’ll see in Trinidad. It’s a lake of asphalt, measuring about 90m deep in the middle. The locals thought it was a curse from the gods for centuries. Today though, it has its definite positives. For one thing, this lake of asphalt, one of three in the world, attracts a fair share of rare and special birds which avid birdwatchers should find interesting. Today is supplies a large amount of natural bitumen which is extracted. During the rainy season, pools of water form on the surface that you can actually sit in, the heat from the pitch creates just the right “bath water” temperature. It’s not an oasis but it sure is interesting!

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What is the craziest natural phenomenon you have ever witnessed? What about a natural sight that left you speechless?

Imgs: collin.hjulberg,  shri_ram_r / Flickr cc.

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