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We’ve got cities in the spotlight today and while there are so many remarkable and impressive skylines and cityscapes to include, we’ve chosen just four. All different, all unique, all impressive. Do you agree with our choices?

Los Angeles

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Los Angeles: When it comes to American cityscapes, Los Angeles is one of the most famous. Not because of its buildings or silhouette, but because of its mass, it’s freeways that seem to duck in and out of each other, twisting, plaiting like veins under the skin. It’s remarkable. All roads lead to Chicago? From here it looks like all roads lead to Hollywood.

The “other” Los Angeles


alesund copy


Don’t know where Ålesund is? We’ll give you a hint. It’s located in a Scandinavian country that starts with the letter N-. It’s Norway of course! Much of the city was destroyed by fire in the early 1900s but was rebuilt rather quickly, all in Art Nouveau style which is why this cityscape is a special one. There’s no other place like it! Add to the stunning landscapes and wilderness surrounding it and it’s perfect.

Flights to Ålesund




How impressive is this show of Barcelona with the gorgeous Sagrada Familia peeping up higher than the surrounding buildings. Barcealona is known for its buildings with inner courtyards, some of which are sights to see all on their own and this photo shows just how many there are. Practically every block has its own. Great city planning if you ask us, and what an effect when you see it from the air.

How to experience Barcelona for FREE

Rio de Janeiro



What sets Rio apart from the others? Maybe it’s the sprawling metropolis in a stunning setting, the way the city seems to just unfold at the foot of the mountains, hugging the coast. At night, it’s all the more impressive. While Rio de Janeiro may not be the capital of Brazil anymore, we still think it’s one of the best cities to visit in the country.

Rio! Top 5 sights around the old Brazilian capital

Which cityscape would you most like to see?

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