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While there are dozens of exciting tourist attractions on offer for people hopping off those Dubai flights, it can be exciting to wander the streets in order to find something unique and different.

According to Time Out Dubai, there are plenty of things to do in the emirate that may not immediately spring to mind when reading a traditional guidebook or planning a cultural adventure.

One of these could be trying out a special reiki massage at a new workshop running from October 21st.

The course will be hosted by Cathy Darnell and is to take place at the Synergy Integrated Medical Centre.

The news source also urged travellers to consider trying out some street food.

“Eat some of the best delicacies in the world while really challenging your palate,” it recommended, noting that eatery Al Samadi has just launched a new menu that could also tickle the tastebuds.

Meanwhile, for those looking to relax, the Park Hyatt – a choice for people searching for cheap hotels in Dubai – has just announced it is giving its famous Amara spa a facelift.

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