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Summer is for spending time outdoors, enjoying the (hopefully good) weather and finally relaxing with family and friends. What better way to do that than on a camping trip? Pack the car, roll up those sleeping bags and don’t forget the marshmallows!

Camping is a great way to save money. Broke? it’s time to rediscover camping… There is so much potential for a camping trip and many camp sites have some astonishingly modern amenities too, in case the whole idea of “camping” really doesn’t jive with you. Here are four essentials for any camping trip, whether you plan your outdoor holiday in the UK or abroad.



A room with a view

Rather a tent, but there’s nothing better than opening up the flap first thing in the morning to be met by the morning sun and an amazing view. Before you book your campsite make sure you read up on some reviews of the place. If you ask us, you can’t go wrong pitching your tent near any of the best beaches in the UK. Guaranteed great views. Why not pair your camping trip with some cool hikes? Here’s our picks for cool hiking holidays.


camper van

Go retro, go in style

Some say camper vans are retro, we say “no way!” How much cooler can you get when you hire a caravan for your summer holidays. It’s the perfect combination: camping trip meets road trip. Caravans give you a little bit more comfort and also the freedom to move around easily from place to place. Plus, if the weather turns sour you can hide out inside and play cards while you watch all the campers suffer in their wet tents (oops, did we say that out loud?)

bon fire

The perfect s’more

Camping food is comfort food. Now you can finally succumb to your sweet tooth and roast as many marshmallows as you can stomach over the fire, sip your drink with Twizzlers and chow down on bags of Sun Chips to your heart’s delight. Spider dogs and pita pizzas are the easiest meals to cook over the fire but the king of all camping treats? The s’more. You need three key ingredients: graham crackers, marshmallows and a bar of milk chocolate. Once your marshmallow is perfectly browned and gooey in the middle, sandwich it between two cookies and a piece of chocolate. Mmmm…..



A touch of luxury

If you really can’t picture yourself camping without your daily luxuries but still love the outdoors, there is a solution. It’s called glamping. It was the big travel word of 2010 and it’s as popular as ever. You can glamp in a yurt (pictured above), spacious tent, cabin, outfitted caravan… anything really. You don’t have to give up your comfy bed or your daily shower when you’re glamping but we can’t guarantee there won’t be a spider or two… you’re still camping after all!

What is your camping style? Care to share your favourite places to go camping? What about favourite foods to make over the fire?

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