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New Year’s Day. Day 1. Today is the day you can start the year off on the right foot. Planning a lot of travel in 2013? Whether you take New Year’s resolutions seriously or not, if you want to travel better and see more of the world then these are good ways to start.

In 2010 we made a list of 10 travel resolutions for travellers. It included simple things like send more postcards, try new foods and pack less. Simple things, but easy things to forget. This year, we have a few more resolutions to add to the list what will certainly make travelling easier and cheaper.

When planning…

Choose a destination and go for it. Be specific and commit to a time. Do your research and open a separate savings account. Each month put a portion into it and don’t touch it, no matter how tempting it may be sometimes.

Set flight fare alerts. If you really want the cheapest flight price for your trip, it pays to use this feature on the website. Just follow the price trends from your email and book when it’s low.

When in transit…


Be patient. It’s so hard, we know! But being patient with other travellers who may not be as airport and flight savvy as you is something we should all try to do. Why not try offering a hald rather than mumbling something under your breath that you’ll regret later?

Only board when your row number is called. This doesn’t really apply if you’re on a Ryanair flight but for those regular flights you might take this year, hold your horses. Just wait your turn.

Say hi to the person sitting next to you on the plane. Be polite, you may be surprised who happens to be sharing your row with you. Don’t take this to mean engage them in an hour-long conversation.

While travelling…

Spend more time talking to people than seeing the sights. Because we all know there’s more to travelling than checking off that you’ve seen the Eiffel Tower and made it to Base Camp.

What are your resolutions for the New Year? Where do you want to travel this year?

Imgs: aumtun_blisssmohundro / Flickr cc.

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