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This post is more about photography than anything else. We do love when travellers get creative when their holiday shots and what better way to capture the world’s iconic monuments and cities than through a reflection? Here are some that really impress.


reflections-rome copy


A classic shot, using a fresh puddle in Rome’s streets to reflect the Colosseum standing right in front of the photographer. Best time of the day to capture reflections in water? Mornings and late afternoons when the light is gentle but anytime after a rain is good when the water is still fresh.


reflections-chicago copy


This has to be one of the most popular pieces of public art in Chicago. Called Cloud Gate, this mirrored “bean” as the locals like to call it is located Millennium Park. Designed by British artist Anish Kapoor, the sculpture has such an effect because of its highly polished stainless steel exterior which hides any sign that it’s made up of metal plates welded together. It sure makes for some pretty amazing photo opportunities.


reflections-france copy


The Château de Chambord has never looked so incredible, don’t you agree? It’s French Renaissance architecture at its finest! Today it’s the largest castle in France’s Loire Valley and a must if you’re on holidays in France and visiting that region.


reflections-amsterdam copy


Anything with a shiny surface can serve as a great canvas for reflection photography. Take a look at this vintage photograph taken in Amsterdam using the hood of a freshly polished car. Brilliant, right? The city’s iconic architecture makes quite an impression when shown like this. Are you a budding photography without all the fancy kit? Don’t worry, here’s our guide how to take better travel photos (without a fancy camera).

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