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Pink landscapes? These photos may or may not have been touched up by Photoshop but it doesn’t matter, they’re incredible! From Japan to the USA, to Spain’s capital city to Senegal… we’re thinking pink this Friday.




Pictured above is the gorgeous Hokkaido, the second largest island in Japan. The island is know for its untamed wilderness and national parks where rice paddies collide with rolling fields and forests that look  more like northern Europe than Asia. The island is dotted with hot spring resorts, most popular between May and August. The hills of Furano are covered in lavender in summer while Shizunai is known for its elegant cherry blossoms in spring.

Be inspired to travel to Japan, here are some ideas:




It’ll come as no surprise that Antelope Canyon is the most visited and most photographed slot canyon in the south-western part of the US. This photo was taken in Lower Antelope Canyon and is no easy place to visit, with narrow passageways and uneven footing. Access is limited to visitors with authorised guides. While this canyon is in Arizona, it certainly reminds us of the canyons in Utah featured in 127 Hours.

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If you follow what we post on Facebook this photo won’t be new to you. It’s taken on a small street going up to Madrid’s famous El Escorial, an autonomous district of the Spanish capital. There are two sights to see here, the Monasterio de El Escorial and the beautiful park, La Granjilla de la Fresnada. It’s popular to visit in summer but to really see the trees change colour, best to visit in fall.




A pink lake? This is Lake Retba, or Lac Rose as the locals call it located in the Cap Vert Peninsula in Senegal. The colour is a question of a bit of chemistry and biology. The experts say the pink hue is caused by cyanobacteria, a harmless bacteria living in the water. If that’s not enough, this lake also has a ridiculously high salt content, even more so than the Dead Sea which means not only can you swim in this bright pink lake, but you can spend the day floating effortlessly in it. Dreamy?

Which destination would you like to visit most? Have your own pink destination? Share it with us!

Imgs: Japan, USA, Spain, Senegal

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