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March 30th is International Walk in a Park Day. We’re not entirely sure why but hey, any excuse to get outside and explore the best parks in the world, right? From the Big Apple to right here in London and across Europe, here are the best parks to enjoy today!

Central Park

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New York City is a great city for parks. Of course Central Park is the crown jewel of Big Apple parks but the city has quite a few that are worth visiting, Prospect Park in Brooklyn, Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx, Tyron Park in Manhattan and Gramercy Park, to name a few. Central Park stretches around 60 city blocks and is 850 acres of green to enjoy, right in the middle of the city.

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Parc Guell


Heading Barcelona way? Parc Guell, Gaudi’s playground, is a must and one of the most interesting and unique parks in the world. It has a bit of a split personality, part park and part architectural wonderland. From the top of the park, enjoy some spectacular views of the city. Also in Barcelona, Parc de la Ciutadella, with two museums and a zoo is also a must or you can get lost in Parc Laberint, a maze of hedges and statues.

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Hyde Park

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Of course London has made the list, this city has some amazing parks, more than 5,000 acres in Central London alone! Hyde Park being one of the most popular with Speaker’s Corner, boating, horseback riding and the Princess Diana Memorial and let’s not forget Kensington Gardens and the palace. Further afield, Richmond Park is a must, to see the Queen’s wild deer.

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Luxembourg Gardens

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Paris has some fantastic parks, Jardin des Tuileries in the first arrondissement, Le Bois de Boulogne (a copy of London’s Hyde Park), but Luxembourg Gardens is by far the most spectacular park of them all. It’s the kind of romantic place that never goes out of style. The lake, fountains, tree-lined paths… and people wonder why Paris is the city for lovers?

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Golden Gate Park

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Back in the USA, San Francisco represents the West Coast with some pretty fantastic city parks. Golden Gate Park covers an impressive 1,000 acres and is home to some excellent attractions like a few museums, botanical gardens, Japanese Tea Garden, a conservatory of flowers and much, much more. You can even take archery lessons here! For great views of Golden Gate Bridge head to The Presidio.

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What’s your favourite park to visit?

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