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When you’re strung up to the max and your next holiday isn’t for months, there’s only one thing to do: take a weekend break. Near or far, these short trips are really what keeps us going throughout the year. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your weekends away, what to pack and where to go.

Packing tips

It goes without saying that you should pack different things for a weekend away than you should for long-term backpacking or your summer vacation, but what? If you’re taking off on a low cost airline, you’re limited to a carry-on. It isn’t as hard as you think to become a carry-on luggage guru! As far as what to pack for a weekend away, here’s what the travel community had to say about it.

Q3 via @familyonbikes: What do you pack for a weekend away that you don’t for a longer journey?

@latinAbroad: I try to pack as light as possible. Going through airport is a breeze + you have less stuff to forget at the destination. 😉

@ehalvey: I tend to pack MORE clothes for a weekend away. Or at least more shoes choices.

@Emma_Sparks: My hairdryer. Is that weird? I just don’t care so much on the longer trips.

@shannonartsdiva: Bringing good wine, corkscrew, wine glasses…. saves time seeking them out upon arrival.

@ThatsVy: Tough one! Probably nicer shoes because on longer journeys I don’t always need/wear them.

@NewYorkHabitat: GPS and some good French wine! 🙂

@timteece: Everything is smaller; toothpaste, contact solution, wallet.

@AngelinaFoster: I definitely pack more shoes, makeup and accessories for a weekend away!

@whereisyvette: A return ticket. Boss gets antsy when I don’t book one. 😉

Where to go?

Where to go?

There are a few things to consider when choosing a weekend destination. First, transit time. Second, distance. Third, cost. If you’re good and set up fare alerts early, you can snag some pretty cheap flights to places like Athens or Barcelona. Amsterdam and Paris are just across the Channel, for something culturally different yet nearby. If you don’t want to make the most out of your two days, there are a ton of great places to explore just outside of London. Why not go island-hopping through Great Britain? @traveldudes suggested taking off Friday and/or Monday too, for more bang for your weekend!

Q4 via @economy_carhire: What are your top 3 ultimate destination for a weekend getaway?

@RunawayJuno: A Beach, A Mountain, or just pitch a tent in my apartment.

@MyDestination: Got to love the Brecon Beacons in Wales for a bit of an adventurous weekend away.

@MalloryOnTravel: Edinburgh, Lake District and Cornwall in the UK.

@elle_croft: New York City, Paris and I think Marrakech would be awesome too (hopefully I’ll get there this year).

@cougjosh: …if I had my own jet? Berlin! Dublin! London!

@SustainableTrip: Beach, skiing, or hiking – depending on the season! But always outdoors.

@kelaussie29: If I was in Europe, it would have to be Barcelona, Berlin & Lisbon.

@underexperiment: My top 3 wkds away (in the future): Amsterdam, Budapest, Prague. Willing to make friends in those places, so apply here! 😉

@aussiegirlindia: Paris, San Sebastian, Singapore… It’s all about the food.

@IdealBreaks: Gotta big up #Norfolk in the UK – love the beaches on a cold winters day & sometimes you spot a seal! Plus pub lunches are ace!

@traveldudes: Malaga for some surfing north of Tarifa; Alpes for snowboarding & any European city for a city trip.

What are you favourite spots for a weekend getaway? What are your must-pack items for a great weekend trip? Where are you going next?

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