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While vintners get ready to harvest here in Europe, they’re doing the same across the Pond in California. This is the best time of the year to drive from San Francisco and head north, to California’s famous Wine Country and board the luxury wine train. All aboard!

It’s no secret that the USA is one of the world’s biggest wine producers, alongside France and Australia. Almost all of the country’s wine production comes from California where the mild and sunny weather produces wines which just keep getting better year by year. We’ve covered wine tours in Bordeaux so how about something different?

One of the most popular excursions from “Frisco” is without a doubt to the state’s wine country, the beautiful Napa Valley. With a car hire from San Francisco, it’s only about a 100km drive from the city, the perfect day trip. Just make sure you choose a designated driver before you set out!




All aboard the Napa Valley Wine Train!

The Napa region is hilly and full of vineyards, spotted with charming little wineries and country homes. There are more than a hundred restaurants in the Valley, plenty of which are star-studded by the Michelin Guide.

The most famous wines from the Napa Valley are produced by Chateau Montelena, whose Chardonnay won the prestigious Judgment of Paris  in 1976 in the white wine category.

Now here’s the part about the train. The Napa Valley Wine Train was set up in 1999 and takes visitors through the stunning scenery while enjoying fantastic food and wines. The journey takes three hours and covers a distance of 58km, travelling from the town of Napa to St. Helena and back again. The whole experience is dripping in luxury!




It is on the pricey side and it’s essential to book your seat in advance but it’s a trip of luxury that will certainly make your trip a memorable one.

  • Here’s the place to book your train
  • Trains depart from 1275 McKinstry Street, Napa CA 94559, USA
Imgs: JUSUjimg944roger4336 / Flickr cc.

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