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Don’t get us wrong, winter still hits Spain but it’s a lot less cumbersome than when winter rolls into England. But the sun still shines and even on the worst of days, the afternoons are warm enough to enjoy sans jacket. For £55, Valencia is a steal this winter.

The mornings are crisp, even frosty but once the afternoon arrives, Valencia enjoys temperatures upwards up 16°C (that’s better than some days we had this summer) with plenty of sun to go around. With elegant architecture, world-class science and art facilities, beaches and neighbourhoods to explore, it’s the perfect place to get some sun this winter without having to dish out for a trip south of the equator. Fly with easyJet from London Gatwick to Valencia for £55 (tax included, return) December 7th-12th, 2012.


Essential Valencia

  • City of Arts and Sciences – This colossal facility is state-of-the-art featuring a science museum, IMAX theatre, planetarium, aquarium and an arts museum. It’s known for its award winning design, by Santiago Calatrava.
  • Barri del Carme – Valencia’s old town certainly charms and is the best place for a sunny afternoon walk. It’s an especially popular place for nightlife.
  • Seu – This cathedral is special in many ways but the most obvious is its rather unconventional exterior. There are three doors leading into the Seu, each from three very distinct architectural periods.
  • Llotja – This UNESCO-protected building is quite a sight, especially if you look closely at the gargoyles decorating its exterior. Notice anything naughty?
  • Hot springs – While winter isn’t the best time to visit the beach, the hot springs just outside of the city are absolutely lush. Located 90km north of the city, take your Valencia rent car for a ride and dip into the lagoon’s warm 25°C waters.


What is your favourite place to get some winter sun?

Imgs: edmenendez, ulybug / Flickr cc.

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