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Looking for a scare this Halloween? Britain is far from being short of ghost stories of haunted castles, cemeteries, houses and even pubs. Be warned though, you may be in for a scream if you visit these places on October 31st!

50 Berkeley Square


This Mayfair house is reportedly the most haunted house in London. It was once the home of British Prime Minister George Canning and in recent years has been considered the oldest unaltered building in London, having been hardly refurbished since it was built in the late 18th century. The attic is haunted by a young girl who committed suicide there and is said to be able to scare people to death! Two people apparently died in the attic during the Victorian era after having spent the night in the upper room.

The Red Lion


You may not be surprised that some pubs are haunted, especially this one in Avebury, Wiltshire. Turns out Brits in the afterlife still enjoy a pint or two in the evenings. The pub is located within Avebury’s stone circle, which has, for centuries, been connected to witchcraft and paganism. From ghostly children to cold spots and strange shadows, this 400-year old inn and pub have plenty of stories to tell.

Glamis Castle


If you’re looking for the most haunted spot in Scotland, look no further. Glamis Castle is the home of the current Early and Countess of Strathmore and is full of secret passageways and rooms. Resident ghosts include the Monster of Glamis Castle, a deformed child that lived here in the 19th century, a tongueless woman in the castle gardens and let’s not forget Lady Grey, who was executed for witchcraft in 1537.

Tower of London


The history of this place is peppered with executions, beheadings, slow torturous deaths and murders. The most famous ghosts? The Princes in the Tower, murdered by their uncle Richard III. The ghosts of Lady Jane Grey, Anne Boleyn and the elusive White Lady can all be felt by the sudden smell of cheap perfume. For an added spook, sign up for a twilight tour while on holidays in London.

Highgate Cemetery


It’s really the Gothic architecture and the Victorian necropolis that make this place eery as anything. In the 1960s there were rumours of a red-eyed dark figure terrorising school girls. Mutilated animal were found all over the cemetery. Vampire? For a real fright and the whole story, join a tour offered by the Friends of Highgate Cemetery.

What’s the scariest place you’ve ever visited? Ever seen a ghost?

Imgs: Google Street View / Kurt Thomas Hunt, sksamuelrevstanDavid Holt / Flickr cc.

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