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The Eiffel Tower’s new glass floor is not for the faint of heart! France’s most visited tourist attraction just got a little bit more frightening as visitors look down through the vertigo-inducing floor.

The transparent glass floor is installed on the first level of the tower, at a heigh of 57 metres, where operators hope visitors will linger longer before heading up to the highest viewing platform 276 metres above the ground. Typically visitors spend very little time at this lower level and head straight to the top levels.

To add to the excitement, the old wire safety fences have been replaced with floor-to-ceiling glass barriers that tilt outwards so that people can lean out and see how the tower is anchored by its four pillars on the ground.

The refit began in May 2012 and was finally unveiled last week and also includes new shops, restaurants and a museum that tells the story of the 125-year-old structure. Even if you’ve been to the Eiffel Tower before, the new additions will make it a must-see the next time you book flights to Paris.

Img: juanedc / Flickr cc.

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