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Is it just us, or are celebrities getting kicked off of planes for inappropriate behaviour more than ever right now? The frontman of Green Day is part of the latest bout of “celebrities on a plane” media fare.

What’s all this about?

Unfortunately for Billie Joe Armstrong, he was kicked off his flight last Thursday with Southwest Airlines because of the way he was dressed. The culprit: his trousers. There were just too low.

@BJAofficial (Armstrong’s Twitter account) revealed it all in a tweet:

Just got kicked off a southwest flight because my pants sagged too low! What the f*? No joke!

After a flight attendant asked the rock-n-roll star to pull up his pants, he replied asking aren’t there “better things to do than worry about that?” After being asked again, both Armstrong and his travel mate were kicked off their flight, departing from Oakland and heading to Burbank.

Air travel is never a walk in the park for the stars. Everyone is watching them, their fans waiting for them in the lobby of the airport. Paparazzi want to know where they’re going, what they’re wearing and who they’re going with. Not to mention the flight attendants who have to hold themselves back from spilling their every move on social media platforms, blogs or even directly to the tabloids. Billie Joe Armstrong, on the other hand, didn’t let them get to his mis-step first, he posted it on Twitter right away.

Airline dress code

But what about his sagging pants? Do airlines actually have dress code policies for their passengers? American airlines seem to all agree that they can choose to remove anyone from a flight who is clothed in a manner that would cause discomfort or offence to other passengers on the plane. You’re also not allowed to fly barefoot. Apparently Armstrong’s low-riding trousers were just too offensive for take-off.

Have your say! Have you ever had a problem boarding or seen someone how did? Do you think airlines are too strict ?

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