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Are you tired of the snow, the cold winds whipping at your face as you try to cross the bridge, the slush and the salt stains on your favourite pair of boots? You are definitely not alone! So I was thinking, where could I go (for really cheap) to get even just a weekend break from this season we call winter. The first place that cames to mind is Croatia.

Why? Although primarily a summer hot spot, Croatia is also a mild and very pleasant place to escape the winter blues and the city’s sleet. Croatia is not only a budget-friendly place to visit, but it is really a destination for all seasons, most travellers just don’t know this yet. Visit Croatia’s Adriatic Coast of course is lovely in the summer time, especially when the rocks on the beach warm up to make a relaxing spot to sun bathe. In the wintertime, the beaches are perfect for combing and exploring. The weather is still warm enough to dip your feet into the water to search for critters in the shallow waters. If you like, you can grab some snorkle gear and a wet suit too and see what you can find. At this time of the year the tourism is down, making it an even cheaper destination. There are especially cheap flights from London to Split at this time of the year. EasyJet services Split from London at very cheap fares.

Since the days are cooler than in summer but still warm enough to spend the days outdoors, it is the perfect time to take advantage of the mountain trekking and hiking that is so unique to the area. There are some really interesting route ideas on Walking Croatia, some of which will take you for overnight adventures to caves and through Risnjak National Park.

You could easily spend a few days just wandering around from island to island, really delving into Croatia history and culture. The islands are accessible with public transport or by boat or car. Two of the most popular island are Vis and Dugi Otok. At this time of the year as well, a few important festivals are taking place. Carnival is celebrated in Februrary with parades, costumes, food and a lot of music. Split hosts some of the best parties for this festival. On the 3rd of February, there is a parade in Dubrovnik to celebrate St. Blaise’s Day.

Take advantage of the winter deals to cure your winter blues. Book your flight and your hotel room in Split now! Been to Split before? Let us know you favourite (and not so favourtite) spots!

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