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How far does £1 go around the world?

One pound Sterling. Doesn’t seem like much, does it? You’d be surprised how far you can get on £1 around the world, what and how much it can buy!

Who doesn’t love a bargain? Sometimes you really have to shop around for them, sometimes even travel long distances to find them. Have you ever wondered what and how much you can buy for the price of £1 abroad? Apparently you can buy quite a lot… it just depends where you are!

Vienna, Austria

  • fresh baked Kornspitz (bread roll)
  • loaf of break from the supermarket
  • 3 cans of beer

Mumbai, India

  • full meal of rice, dal, vegetables, chutney and papads
  • 6 Kit Kat bars
  • 8 bottles of mineral water
  • 1 souvenir t-shirt
  • 16 samosas
Indian street food

Cebu, Philippines

  • 30-45 minute foot massage
  • 1 men’s haircut
  • 45 fried fish snacks
  • 2km taxi ride
  • 3 pounds of rice
  • 3 AA batteries

Copenhagen, Denmark

  • 1 litre of milk
  • stamp to send a letter to someone else in Denmark
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1-2 candy bars
Danish grocers

Budapest, Hungary

  • 4 small apples
  • 1 scoop of artisan ice cream
  • 30 minutes parking in the central districts
  • 1 plain hamburger at McDonald’s

Costa Rica

  • 1 papaya
  • 1 watermelon
  • 1 pineapple
  • 1 cup of decent coffee
Costa Rica fruit

Naples, Italy

  • 1kg spaghetti
  • 1 litre red wine
  • 6 bottles of mineral water

Chiang Mai, Thailand

  • street food, endless possibilities
  • 3 cans of Coca-cola at 7/11

Bogota, Colombia

  • 1 cup of coffee with 2 sweet biscuits
  • 1 arepa with a generous helping of aji salsa
Colombian coffee

Seoul, South Korea

  • one-way trip on the underground or bus
  • 1 toothbrush
  • 7 rolls of toilet paper

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How much and what can you buy for £1 where you are?

Imgs: JD Mack, alan woo, Barry & PK, ever jean, CIAT  / Flickr cc.


  • Katie Reply

    You can buy 2 cans of beer for £1 in Russia or 3 pirozhki from the ladies passing through the wagons on the Trans-Siberian. Mmmm…

  • Roy Price Reply

    In Bournemouth, England. A Pound can buy you 3 Marlboro cigarettes or a quarter pint of Guiness. How about one-fiftieth of a parking ticket issued by a CCTV van continuously cruising the streets? Good old GB, we sure know how to lure the tourist…….

  • frankie Reply

    …I have to spend £4 to get a decent coffee.

  • Nina Reply

    Wow, i have to move to Cebu:) In SLovenia you get: 2 * coffee with milk / or/hm not much actually.

    • Antonio Reply

      Hey Nina! Thanks for your comment.

      Hahah yes, we would like to move to Cebu as well!
      Anyway Slovenia is a great place to stay and Coffee milk is not that expensive, after all: here in Hungary you can get just a decent one for that price!

      Thanks again!