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Expats, raise your hands! Living abroad isn’t anything new. Old World travellers used to journey for weeks and months to reach new continents, living the rest of theirs lives among foreign cultures. We still do the same today. Global travel, global communities. Let’s talk about expat travel!

In the same way that everyone should travel solo at least once in their life, everyone should spend a year abroad. Just one year, to experience a new way of living, a new culture, maybe even a new language. Like solo travel, it totally tests your ability to adapt to new surroundings. Jump in, with two eyes wide open because living as an expat is EXCITING!

This week’s Travel Talk on Twitter (more about it at the end of the post) discussed the major pros, usual complains, which countries we all wish we could live in and advice. Turns out, many of the tweeps joining in on the fast-paced chat either have or are currently living as expats in another country which made for some really great conversation.

Are you still wondering what an expat is? Put simply, an expatriate (expat for short) is someone living, either temporarily or permanently, in another country or culture than the one they were brought up in or are a citizen. Today, you’ll find expats just about everywhere and often in groups, the common experience of living abroad brings expat all together.

Dreaming of being an expat in…

Bali dancer
Bali... for the culture

Do you have that urge to try something new? Uproot yourself and take a new country by storm! Here are the top countries from yesterday’s #TTOT sessions, in no particular order. Do you agree, which country would you love to live in, even if just for a little while?

Q1 via @christinahegele: Where would you love to be an expat and why?

@VacationChoices: Belize – fresh seafood, quality of life, kind people.

@lynnerosie: Samoa because it is still so natural, with places where there is purposely no electricity! How responsible is that?!

@TravelingEditor: Croquettas, sopas, cervezas Esponolas – guess where my palates are point at?

@thealexlop: Tokyo, Bangkok, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore. I’m seeing a trend. A #foodie trend…

@wanderguides: I would be an expat in Bali in a heartbeat!

@SustainableTrip: Somewhere where I’d be forced to learn a new language – the only way to become fluent!

@MyPostcardFrom: New Zealand – greatest place in the world.

@Chimeratravel: If I could be an expat in a different country every few years, that would be ideal.

@RunawayJuno: For recent experience, I would love to be an expat in the States, specially Vermont or New Hampshire!! 🙂

@TravelThirst: Oh btw NOW I know definitely would love to be expat in Scotland, no doubt about it!

Before you go…

Learning Dutch
Learn the language

…there are a few things you should know before you just starting booking flights to your destination. Advice. No matter how much advice you get before departing to a new country, it can never be enough to truly prepare you for the experience ahead. But isn’t half the fun learning to do things on your own? Maybe a few tips in the right direction but if you can learn to make friends with some locals once you arrive, you’re already in good hands! On the other hand, a few pointers never hurt anyone, right?

Q3 via @LifesGreatAdv: What you wish you knew, before you moved to a new country?

@PLUSHOSTELS: In Italy, definitely how important the “it’s not what you know, but who you know” aspect of everyday life is.

@GrouponGetaway: For London, it was how long it actually takes to find a flat. It’s a process!

@meljbel: For Oz, that thongs were something they put on their feet!

@ilivetotravel: Best part of town to live!

@deesomera: I was born & raised in the tropics. I wish I knew that a “hot weather” in EU is too cold for me. LOL

@belleandi: Language is a given I suppose from there everything important can be discovered. Food, beer, shelter, cash…

@TravelThirst: Wow…I wish I knew a lot more about catalan culture, the toughness and Franco`s history upon strong feelings still.

@traveldudes: They drive on the wrong side here as well? (Speaking of Australia…) Hahaha

@MikeCjourno: That when you come home, understand that not a lot will have changed.

@alexandraeh: I sort of liked being in the dark. Figuring it “all” out was part of the adventure.

Have you ever lived as an expat in a foreign country before? Where was it and what kind of experiences did you have? What advice would you give someone before they take-off to be an expat?

Travel Talk on Twitter takes place weekly on Tuesdays at 9:30 GMT and 21:30 GMT. Follow the hashtag #TTOT and join in the conversation! Next week’s topic: Festival travel

Imgs: didiz rushdi, frech / Flickr cc.

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  1. I’ve spent the last 2.5 yrs in Uganda – a beautiful, if challenging, country. I came here with VSO. Long-term volunteering really gives you a feel for local life. I love it so much I’m staying 🙂 Next stop eco-tourism across East Africa. @CharlieBeau

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