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Flying in Economy isn’t so bad, as much as we’d like to be living the high-rolling life in First Class with all the exclusive business and very-important-people travellers who can afford upgrades and the such. Economy is definitely all right, as long as you know how to get comfy during those tedious long-haul flights.

Getting comfortable in Economy class isn’t rocket science and it can mean the different between a great flight and a terrible one. Apart from these simple tips it also helps to travel with an airline that tends to have a better Economy class than others. KLM for example, offers extra leg room on all international flights in the Economy Comfort zone, located just in from of the Economy Cabin. Virgin America, Emirates and British Airways are said to have some of the most spacious Economy class seats, but what would you say?

12 tips for getting comfy on long-haul flights

  • Ease the lower back strain by placing the small, flat pillow provided between your lower back and the seat.
  • Support your neck with another airline pillow (if you manage to convince the stewardess to give you one. If not, use a sweater or blanket).
  • Stretch as much as you can. Periodically place your hands on the armrests and twist your torso back and forth, it will loosen your upper body.
  • When the seat-belt light goes off, get out of your seat and walk around. A quick jump to the toilet and back should do the trick.
  • Make circle movements with your ankles, it’ll help circulation and prevent swelling feet.
  • Keep the hand creme nearby. Aircraft air is dry and stale so keep your skin moisturized.
  • Keep the air vent open, dampen a facecloth and place it over your face to sleep. It will help with the dryness.
    Travel advisory: airline food may cause serious bloating, eat at your own risk (img: cc)
  • Chewing gum is a must if you react to sudden air pressure changes. This helps not only during take-off and landing but during the flight as well.
  • Wear loose, slip-on shoes instead of laced shoes. This will help if your feet swell and you need to get your shoes on at the end of the flight and you can’t.
  • Wear clothes that are comfortable and loose. Warning: airline food has a reputation for causing bloating.
  • Stay clear of alcoholic drinks and coffee. They will contribute to dehydration. Instead stick to water and cold juices.
  • Ladies: avoid putting your hair up in elastics or clips, it’s very uncomfortable to try to sleep with a pin digging into your head.

For more on flying comfort check out Stress and jet-lag: just the usual post-flight traumas.

Have any more tips to share on how to stay comfortable during long flights in Economy class? Share them by leaving a comment!

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