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No one will argue that the web is the most indispensable tool for travellers. As the Internet continues to grow, it becomes an even more integral part in planning trips whether you travel for business or for personal pleasure. How is travel planning changing and what role does the Internet play in the process?

After interviewing thousands of travellers on the web, thinkinsights with Google discovered a number of interesting things about the process travellers take to make their decisions. When it comes to planning a trip, where are travellers going to find their information before they book?

1. Internet

Where do you turn when you are looking for instant information? The web, of course. It’s the best resource we have for finding quick information on destinations and how to get there. It’s by far the most popular way to research a trip and it also turns out that more travellers are willing to book online than ever before. Why? Because it’s easy and secure! A whopping (but not surprising) 84% of personal travellers use the Internet to plan their trips.

2. Search engines


The first place many travellers head to start the planning process are search engine sites. Not just Google, but travel-centred search sites like as well. Search engines in general are the most popular source of information online and practically every traveller uses one at some point while they plan. 62% of personal travellers head to the search engines first to find information on overnight accommodations, destinations, holiday activities, road trips and airline tickets.

3. Online media

twitter in the sandThe use of online media like Twitter and Facebook has become increasingly important among travellers. What better way to get first-hand recommendations and advice? The travel community on social media platforms reaches far and wide, you can find tips and travel ideas for practically every destination in the world. Travellers trust what the community is saying about cities and potential destinations, what to pack and even what not to pack. 41% of personal travellers read reviews and travel-related blogs before booking their trips.

4. Mobile devices

Is this the future of travel planning? More travellers than ever are using their mobile devices to search for travel-related information. Not only business travellers either, the number of personal travellers using their mobiles has doubled in the last year alone! The use of mobile devices is on the rise and while only 18% of personal travellers seek their information there, this number will no doubt grow thanks to so many travel iPhone apps available these days. Apart from trip research, many travellers are using their mobiles to check into flights, hotels and even trains.

How do you plan your travel? Which online media sources do you use to find out more information? Which mobile travel apps are a must for any traveller?

Imgs: Giorgio Montersino, Rosuara Ochoa, hirotomo / Flickr cc.

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