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It’s really hard to travel as much as you’d like. Heck, we’d all like to drop our jobs and globe-trot for the rest of our days! If you’re circumstances aren’t that flexible but travel is your passion, how do you keep travel as part of your life?

Now, that’s a very good question! One we asked travellers on Twitter this week during the weekly #TTOT chat. It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible. Travelling doesn’t require much time or much money… all it takes is a little creativity and some advice from the experts!

Let’s talk money

You don’t need a lot of money to travel but that’s all relative. These days with so many low cost airlines offering flights from London you can go further than you think on £100. After you arrive, stick to grocery stores for food and couchsurfing and hostels for accommodations. Choosing cheap destinations is also key, avoid the most expensive cities for expats and try cities like Belgrade or Cairo.

Q1 via @Boz23: How can you travel when you can’t afford to travel?

Backpacker near Island Lake - Wind River Mountains - Bridger Wil

@driftingfocus: Travel can be cheap if you’re willing to sacrifice a few comforts and do a bit of planning.

@TravelBlggr: Save $. Volunteer. Travel closer to home. Cook up a foreign recipe and travel through your senses. =)

@ehalvey: Or marry a foreigner 🙂 Free stays in Ireland FTW.

@jauntingkerrs: I just dug up my old gold jewelry and sold it for my plane ticket to Istanbul!

@philippesibelly: Get out the door early & WALK around your town. I once walked from Notting Hill to West Ham. Best trip ever!

@TravMonkey: Travelling isn’t that expensive, choose cheap countries, budget save and go. It’s just a poor excuse most of the time…

@katyabroad: Explore your home country more – and watch human planet!

@HostelBookers: Travelling is a necessity – cut down on booze and clothes and pointless purchases then you’ll be able to travel more!

@RaniaElembaby: Travel isn’t always expensive. There are amazing places in the world which are cheap but worth so much! Oh, try couchsurfing too!

@traveldudes : Easy… Daydream!

Going the distance

Thai sunrise

Whether you stay close to home or venture to another corner of the globe, it was unanimous on #TTOT that you don’t need to go far to find adventure and experience new things and isn’t that what travel is all about? Of course, getting a new stamp in your passport is always nice but when the budget is tight and your next holiday feels like its centuries away… it may be time to use the imagination!

Q3 via @Lucy_c_b: How far do you need to go to experience Travel?

@driftingfocus: Distance is irrelevant. Sometimes my own state feels more foreign than places I’ve visited on other continents.

@gregoates: Anywhere you won’t see someone reading a magazine with Kim Kardashian on cover.

@whereisyvette: I do a lot of #geocaching- a worldwide treasure hunt. Great way to explore your hometown.

@MalloryOnTravel: I can travel beyond the edges of the Universe with just a bottle of wine!

@jbranigan: Every place counts, it’s all in your attitude of exploring something new.

@Kim_houghton: It starts the moment I decide on the next adventure.

@tripku: Being a traveler is a mood, don’t matter if you are at home or on the other side of the globe.

@25travels: As Confucius said – “The longest journey begins with a single step”

How often do you travel every year? Will travelling more be on your 2012 new year’s resolutions?

Travel Talk on Twitter takes place weekly on Tuesdays at 9:30 GMT and 21:30 GMT, why don’t you join in? Follow the #TTOT hashtag on Twitter and answer the travel questions that pop up every 10 minutes for an hour.

Imgs: cobblucas, showusyourtogwotee, rev stan / Flickr cc.

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