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The weather spells in the UK are more than a little depressing. When is the sun going to finally show its face? If you are ready to jump-start summer you’ll have to go where the sun shines and Crete is looking mighty fine in that department! Here’s what to do and see while you’re there.

Summer is here

Crete is more than just another Greek island. You certainly don’t have the feeling that you’re on an island while you’re here, more like an extension of Greece’s beautiful mainland just totally surrounded by water. The islands cities are cosmopolitan yet unique and traditional. It’s got everything you need to start enjoying summer a little early: mile upon mile of sandy beaches, terraced restaurants, the refreshingly cool sea and a weather forecast set to 30°C+.

Flights to Heraklion


Essentials for any trip to Crete


  • Soak up the traditional culture in the gorgeous Amarti Valley.
  • Watch the boats come and go in Rethymno, the island’s pretty Venetian port. The town will charm with its wooden balconies, narrow streets and ornate Venetian decorations on the buildings and houses.
  • Cross the sandbar to reach Elafonisi, a tiny island just off the coast, and swim in its turquoise waters.
  • Discover what’s left of the island’s ancient Minoan civilisation at the Archaeological Museum in Heraklion.
  • Catch up on your mythology with a visit to Dikteon Cave, the birthplace of Zeus.
  • Lay your towel out for the day under the shade of a palm on Vai Beach, known for its forest of palm trees.
  • Get your culture kick with a tour of the Palace of Knossos, where the mythical Minotaur was kept by King Minos.

Where would you like to jump-start summer?

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