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What does À La Carte mean? Well if you’re flying Economy on KLM it means you’ll soon have the choice of Dutch cheese, vegetarian felafel and Japanese soba for dinner. As far as in-flight catering is concerned, this is very good news!

Until now ordering meals À La Carte has been strictly reserved for Business and First Class passengers. This is all changing with the introduction of a new and exciting menu for Economy Class passengers flying with KLM. For a few extra Euros you can order delicious specialty meals, as long as your remember to pre-order.

These new meals explore more ethnic culinary traditions like Dutch tradition, Bella Italia, Indonesian rice dishes, Japanese delights and of course, an upgraded option for the vegetarians onboard. The meals cost €12-15 extra which is not unreasonable considering the quality of the food, and serving it thousands of feet in the air.

What’s your flavour?

Dutch Tradition

Starter of beef salad with asparagus wrapped in ham. The main course includes two types of hotchpotch, one kale the other carrot, served with sausage and gravy. Also a selection of Dutch cheeses with walnuts, plums and a dessert of spiced biscuit mousse.

Japanese Delight

Enjoy an entrée of sushi, then a main of chicken with rice and vegetables. The meal also comes with a soba noodle salad with smoked salmon.

Bella Italia

Start your dinner with a mixed leaf salad and veal rib-eye garnished with pine nuts, asparagus and sweet pepper. Risotto primavera follows and a salad of black and green olives. Top it off with a tiramisu dessert.

Vegetarian Favourite

Tuck into a starter of kamela salad with mango, sweet peppers and coconut with felafel and goat cheese stuffed apricots. For the main, black-eyed peas with red onion, braised spinach and sweet pumpkin. For dessert, Lemon posset pecan.

Indonesian Rice Dishes

Start with ketoprak salad with bami noodles and vegetables. Next comes a chicken kebab with banana chips and onions. The main is ikan bumbu rujak nasi, served with sambal and fried pangasius. There’s an Asian fruit salad served with it as well as a piece of cake for dessert.

In order to ensure you get the meal you want, order your special meal at least 45 hours before your flight to avoid disappointment. Meal service begins December 1, 2011.

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