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There’s more to this Italian city than the Arena and Juliet’s balcony. Too many tourists visit for the day and leave without really exploring Verona and appreciating it for the city that it is. Give Verona a second glance and you won’t be disappointed.

Wandering Verona’s streets

You can only look at Juliet’s balcony for so long, after that take to the streets. Sometimes when wandering city streets it’s nice to have a guide and a little direction. That’s why we recommend you getting a copy of whaiwhai which will turn your afternoons of aimless wandering into a treasure hunt that you’ll remember long after you’ve returned from holidays.

For a bit of peace and quiet head to Giardino Giusti, one of the most important Renaissance gardens in Italy with grottos, flower beds and even masks carved into the hillside that breathe fire! When your feet grow tired and you need a break, duck into Verona’s Via Cadrega near Garibaldi Bridge and the Duomo. It’s packed with small wine bars and traditional restaurants whose menus aren’t translated into English.

For the more adventurous ones, take Bus 41 to S. Maris de Lourdes Sanctuary, perched on top of Verona’s highest hill, for some gorgeous views of the city.


Lake Garda

Few realise that Italy’s most famous body of water is a mere 15 minutes away by car. If you can spare a day, why not pick up a Verona car hire and day trip to the lake? Head to the northern side of the lake for a quiet day-out or stay south if you’re more interested in the lake’s beaches and nightlife. Take the cable car ride in Malcesine for gorgeous views of the towns and landscape.

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