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Following the American elections, don’t you think it’s about time we brush up on our American history? The United States of America is a relatively young country and if you want to know how the country came to be the way it is today, we’ve got to head to the cities where it all started.

Washington D.C.


Washington is the heart of American politics. The White House is probably the most recognised house of parliament in the world. It’s king when it comes to world-class museums and monuments, even the city itself was designed as a ceremonial monument. For history, this list is just a start to the things you can see and do while on holidays in Washington, the capital.

  • Washington Monument
  • Capitol Building
  • Lincoln Memorial
  • White House
  • National Mall



Williamsburg is one of the most historic towns in the US. Some may consider it the Disneyland of the Revolutionary War, we say that if you’ve never seen a war re-enactment, then Williamsburg is the place to see it. Colonial Williamsburg is home to a number of immaculately refurbished buildings and you’ll often find period actors out and about on the streets. For more history, don’t miss Jamestown nearby.



This city is a must if you’re looking to uncover the history of America. Independence Hall is the first stop where Benjamin Franklin and his crew signed the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The famous cracked Liberty Bell is on display right next door. The last time this 943 kilo bell chimed was for George Washington’s birthday in 1846.



The United States celebrated a lot of “firsts” in Boston. The country’s first library was founded here, the first underground metro system, the first public park and even the first public school were all opened in Boston. Old cobblestone streets are a rarity in such a modern country but Boston has them. The city also features a 3-mile Freedom Trail which can easily be walked in 2 hours and takes you past the most important historic monuments and buildings including,

  • Bunker Hill Monument where the Boston Massacre took place
  • Paul Revere House
  • State House
  • First Public School
  • Old South Meeting House

What’s your favourite American city, why?

Imgs: .Martin.hbarrisongenetobia, francisco diaz / Flickr cc.

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