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We have completely re-vamped our search result page for airline tickets and cheap flights, what do you think of the changes?

We like things to be simple and easy to understand. Travel planning already seems to complicate itself sometimes so why should searching for flights also be complicated? Apart from the now easy-to-read results we’ve added a few other features which might attract your travel-savvy eyes:

  • Possibility to share an offer found on by email
  • Flight details and precise information on method of transportation (bus, train, flight, etc.)
  • Easy access to price alerts from your search
  • Alerts on the result page in case of a better offer with flexible dates or by combining two low cost flights

As always, compares flight prices in real time searching among more than 250 sites and 600 airline companies in order to find you the cheapest flights available on the web. Low cost airlines, Eurostar trains and idTGV, and bus companies are also included in the searches.

Another popular feature that has stayed is the CO2 calculator. The carbon emissions for each trip are calculated automatically, click offset to choose how you want to reduce your carbon footprint while travelling. Choose between reforestation in Kenya, producing renewable energy in South America or planting trees right at home in the UK.

Want to check it out? Start searching for flights!

What do you think of the new design? On another topic, how long have you been using to search and plan your trips?

Looking for your next trip? Find the best flights with us!

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