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Rough Guides has let their top choices for destinations to visit next year and word on the travel street has it that the traditional seaside resort town of Margate has been selected as one of the top 10 places to visit in 2013. Yes, Margate, England.

Tim Chester, Web Editor at Rough Guides put Margate forward for the list saying,

From the Turner Contemporary gallery to the proliferation of other indie art spaces, vintage shops and cute cafés in the Old Town, Margate now offers much more than its golden sands and dilapidated seaside charm.

Local girl Tracey Emin dubbed Margate,

“Romantic, sexy and weird”

Wear rosy glasses much? Even locals are surprised their slightly run-down town made the list. One, Robert Spires, commented on the whole ordeal by saying, “If this guide causes tens of thousands of people to descend on Margate from around the world I am afraid they will be very, very disappointed.” He went on to say that many of Margate’s shops are closing down and is hardly a place worth as a holiday destination.

Margate Sunset

Margate: what to see, what to do

Don’t get us wrong. Margate was once a golden choice for a seaside holiday in England. On the coast of Kent, this town was once one of the most popular towns to spend the summer. Then things kind of went downhill. Perhaps it made the list because of recent regeneration projects like the opening of the Turner Contemporary Gallery last year. The seaside is filled with arcades and the sleepy town has not one, but TWO bowling alleys.

The beach here is sandy and proves to be popular when warm sunny days hit in the summertime with Londoners taking day trips to enjoy the summer and some beach time.

Margate: on your top 10 list for 2013?

Imgs: Charlotte GAndrew Stawarz / Flickr cc.

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